Shipping Values

our mission

"To be recognized as a market leader in the freight forwarding industry by way of providing customized services, where our core culture, people, innovation and ethical values represent a strong philosophy towards meeting and exceeding customer expectations."

our vision

Our vision is to be the No. 1 freight forwarder in the UAE. Our aim is to be the first choice for people who wish to use freight forwarding and value added services. Through superior customer services and efficiency of operations we will continue to offer 'Quality Services' which is seen as best in its class.

Quality Policy

Our company's fundamental principles of work are the highest quality degree and reliability of given services. We closely listen and carefully analyze your wishes, with the purpose to provide input to continually improve of our service


A key area of our expertise lies in developing sound solutions, and then putting them into practice to achieve intended results. Our strengths in developing and deploying solutions include those of management and forwarding processes = air, sea, land transportation, documentation, warehousing, dangerous goods handling, storage, packing & removals and other customized solutions.

The basic premise of our operations is that whoever owns the supply chain ought to be able to communicate with any one of their trading partners, at any time. We develop totally integrated solutions that foster communication between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and end users.


Modern age shipping is dedicated to offering efficient and cost effective freight forwarding and value added solutions that are founded on:

  • Keen understanding of customers and their respective businesses
  • Outstanding quality and operational excellence
  • Integration of assets and expertise
  • Flexibility, agility and innovation across all operations
  • Trained and professional workforce

While each customer has certain unique requirements to be able to operate at peak performance, the value of our MODEL is realised by the integration of people, processes and technology into one seamless operation.

Customer Satisfaction

Our focus lies in ensuring that customers and their satisfaction is ensured that will help place our organization prominently in the industry. This also helps us to stay ahead of our competitors in the industry. We follow the below rules to ensure effective services to our customers:

  • Entire clearance processes of pre-shipments
  • Consultation for most effective air and sea shipments
  • Timely action and response on clients enquiries
  • Complete documentation on shipments
  • Timely deliveries
  • Constant tracking of cargoes and customer updates